2324xclusive Throwback Thursday: Kanye West Before The Fame

            From producer to rapper, Kanye West has come a long way over the years.
 Let's throwback this Thursday to when Kanye hadn't been in the spotlight just yet. We're talking way back to when he still hadn't even released his first album, The College Dropout.

At the 2003 Source Awards, BlackTree TV's first reporter didn't even get Kanye's name right he was so underground, although he was nominated for two awards. BlackTree TV's second reporter, on the other hand, didn't fail to mention Kanye was "cute" five times. Kanye talks production, collaborations and mentions dropping his first album. "I'd rather have a slow grind where you build a really strong fan base than just to bust out and have a hit single and then people don't remember you tomorrow," mentions Kanye regarding bringing something different to the rap game. Needless to say, Kanye you definitely gained your fan base and you've given us some pretty memorable moments. In the 2004 Hip Hop Summit, Kanye talks how "we're all in the realm of the wrong to start off with," when speaking of sex before marriage to another BlackTree TV reporter.

BlackTree TV didn't just share some interview clips of Kanye before the fame but they also pay homage to Kanye's mother, Donda West, as this video was posted shortly after her death. This throwback also delves into the live cancelled interview from Dr. Jan Adams on the Larry King show. Dr. Adams, who performed the fatal surgery on Donda West, refused to disclose information regarding her death in respect to the West family. BlackTree TV shared their condolences.

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