2324Xclusive Update: T.I. Mourns The Loss Of His Grandfather: “You’ve Shown Me More Than I Can Express”

Sadly, T.I. is starting off 2016 with an impending arrival, and a loss. The rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday (Jan. 5) to share photos from the homegoing of his grandfather, Robert Morgan. Following the news of his wife’s pregnancy, Tip shared that his family patriarch, whom he affectionately called “Daddy,” instilled values within him that he will never forget:

RIP to my Granddad “Daddy”da strongest most SOLID man I knew!!!!! Robert Morgan. Taught me how to peep bullshit, demand respect & stay prepared for anything life could throw at me. I know u my Granddaddy but all da time we spent together make me feel like I’m your third son. You’ve shown me more than I can express just by being U!!!! A true man’s MAN!!!! You lived 84 years & provided for 3-4 generations with not 1 complaint, just wisdom, results, and an occasional cussing out every now & then.lol

We know how proud u were of US,just glad I got to let u know how proud we are OF U!!!! And although I’m not an emotional cry out my eyes kind of guy… Just know U WILL BE MISSED!!!!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET ALL YOU MEANT TO OUR FAMILY!!!! Now U & Mother can finally be together &Rest in Heaven TOGETHER!!!!! We Love U!!!!

T.I.’s wife Tiny also took to Instagram to commemorate the life of Morgan.

“Sad to go into the New Year losing your loved ones but #DaddyMorgan lived a good life & he will truly be missed,” she wrote. “Never had a granddaddy so he was like the only Granddad I knew! So I’m thankful to have had him in my life..Too cool!”

Our condolences to T.I. and his family. See the photos he shared below:

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