2324Xclusive Update: Ja Rule Recalls Angry Suge Knight Visiting Him In Studio

Suge Knight's reputation precedes him and that's exactly what Ja Rule remembers about the first time he met the former head of Death Row Records.
In an interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on an episode of their "Drink Champs" podcast that is set to release Friday (April 1), Ja details the first time he met Suge Knight.
"Suge come over to the studio and shit and niggas is all in their shit," he says. "Niggas is like, 'What's up?' Niggas is on point because you know, niggas heard stories about this nigga. We never met him."
Knight came to see the Murder Inc. rapper because he was angry that Ja used a Tupac sample for a track on his album. Ja got the clearance for the West Coast legend's vocals while Knight was in jail, but the mogul did not think that was enough.
"I was in LA recording the joint," Ja recalls. "Suge calls the studio that we in over there. He's like, 'Yeah, I wanna speak to Rule.' I'm like, 'Yeah, who's this?' He's like, 'It's Suge.' I'm like, 'Oh, shit. What up, big homie. What's happenin? Welcome home, nigga. whatever. Whatever.' So this is, Suge's a funny nigga. This nigga says, 'Where you at right now?' I said, 'Nigga, you called me, nigga. You know where I'm at, nigga. I'm over at the studio. Come over here.'"
Once he got to the studio, Knight's demeanor was not friendly.
"God, he was hot," Ja remembers. "He was mad. He's like, 'Why a nigga ain't holler at me?'"
Knight asked around to speak with Ja directly. The rapper was ready for the confrontation, butIrv Gotti stepped in to intervene.
"Gotti came in, he's like, 'Let me holler at you'" the "Always on Time" rapper says. "So they go talk. They do their little talk."
Jadakiss is also expected to appear on the "Drink Champs" next episode, which is set to include the full interview with Ja Rule.
Watch the clip of Ja Rule recalling an angry Suge Knight visiting him in the studio below:
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