2324Xclusive Update: The Drama Continue, Sinzu Reacts to Tee Billz’s Rants About Tiwa Savage

Nigerian rapper Sinzu (formerly known as Sauce Kid) has responded to Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun‘s rant at his wife Tiwa Savage today, Thursday, April 28, 2016.
Sinzu who was formerly managed by Tee Billz wrote about the drama on his Instagram account. “It saddens me to see someone i had love for going thru it and keepin my mouth shut. I dont do this social media bullshit. I mind my own business and handle my own business. So many things happen behind closed doors, so many secrets will come out to the open, so many disappointments will happen even with the ones you truly love” wrote the rapper.
Sinzu further wrote “What brings true happiness is finding yourself, being true to urself and worrying less about how others feel about u. To say the least, being selfless is the key. I havent talked to my bro @teebillz323 In over 4 yrs nor have i seen him or cared to see him.
“But i must admit it saddens me to see him in such state. I coulda got ur fone number, email or whatever thru many means but id rather do it this way. This is the only time i will use social media to express myself on this issue. None of these rants come as news to me. A lotta people will try to put dirt on your name and make u look bad at this tough time, do not break, All i have to say is whatever demons u fighting my G, come out on top. Wish u the best.“
Tee Billz stopped managing Sinzu circa 2012. Tee Billz helped Sinzu break into the Nigerian market in 2006. After managing Sinzu he went on to work with Tiwa Savage. Tee Billz stopped being his wife’s manager sometime last year.

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