2324Xclusive Update: Fans in Zimbabwe are angry with Wizkid! Here’s why?

Fans in Zimbabwe are not happy withNigerian pop star, Wizkid.
It was Wizkid’s first ever concert in Zimbabwe on Friday April 8, 2016 and according to various reports, it flopped.
Wizkid was billed to perform at the Old Hararians Sports Club last night, but for some reasons he didn’t show up at the venue despite the fact that he was in the country.
Zimbabwean media reports that fans had gathered at the venue, an open field from 7pm to 2am in the rain waiting for Wizkid who never showed up.
Zimbojam reports that ‘After a number of local acts, including the likes of Cynthia Mare, Mzoe7, Cal_Vin and Jr. Brown staged some lukewarm performances ’till around 1 am, the crowd began demanding for Wizkid to come on stage as the rain became heavier’.
‘Shockingly, the organisers decided to bring Judgement Yard on stage; they had an outstanding session which proved that even the uptown youth love dancehall. Their set kept the crowd hyped up until around 2 am–and then there was silence’.
Fans on twitter also voiced their dsipleasure
Zambian promoters need to learn from what Wizkid did in Zimbabwe yesterday. We hope y’all have sold enough tickets.
— SociaLumiere™ (@SociaLumiere) April 9, 2016
If Zimbabwe was South Africa someone would be shouting #PayBackTheMoney to Wizkid by now.
— IG: AdvBarryRoux (@Barry_Roux) April 9, 2016
In Wizkid’s defence, there aren’t enough wheelbarrows in Zimbabwe to carry ticket cash around.
— Civil Savant (@NEPA_Lagos) April 9, 2016
More people in Zambia than Zimbabwe are upset Wizkid didn’t perform in Zimbabwe, the attendance at his show in Zim was that bad.
— Benas Banda (@BenasBmoney) April 9, 2016
A reporter at the venue approached the show’s spokesperson, Larry Kwirirayi and when asked what was going on. He replied, ‘I have no idea what is going on or where Wizkid is, I have no further comments’.
There were also reports of violence at the venue as angry fans expressed their displeasure by throwing bottles on the empty stage and in the process destroying the electronic screens and lighting on the stage.
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