2324Xclusive Update: Lil Kesh Looks Almost Unrecognisable After Trying New Hairstyle

YBNL’s rave of the moment, Lil Kesh who is also known as “Mr Me YAGI” has spiced his look up with new hairdo.

The singer said he was playing with his hair and he ended up getting the style out of it. “Was playing with ma hair earlier and ended up with this look.” Should he keep the hair or switch back to his old look?
Lil Kesh is considering keeping the new look for a while. “I think I’m gonna keep it for a while,” he continued.
Knowing fully well that the hairdo is rough and needs a better hand to fix it properly, Kesh jokenly said: “So I need a babe to help me re make it so it’ll look neater.”

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