2324Xclusive Update: Why I make a fuss about my birthday’ – Female rapper, Sasha P

Female rapper, Sasha P is a year older today. Nigerian rapper, Anthonia Yetunde Alabiotherwise called ‘Sasha P‘ is a year older today, May 21, 2016.
Often referred to as the first lady of Nigerian hip hop, Sasha is a rapper, musician, businesswoman, lawyer and motivational speaker.
She took to her Instagram page a few minutes ago to explain why she ‘makes a fuss about birthdays’.
I was born on my father’s birthday, He loved birthdays. He loved birthdays so much he would throw birthdays for his friends. I love doing a lot of things I do (I’ve come to understand) because – I was born on my father’s birthday!
She continued, ‘when the clock strikes 12 every May 21, my heart smiles. I begin to feel a burst of emotions, pain, joy, excitement, a longing for all things I think I still want….I also deeply feel Loss- Because you see, I was born on my father’s birthday but he is no longer with us!’
Sasha P as a teenager.
‘So I get up and pray and dance and sing and thank God cause a few years later my niece was born on my birthday and the day has even more meaning to me now!’
‘It reminds me that God makes everything new, and God has a sense of humour and God gives pearls for ashes. So i make a fuss about my birthday every year because its a triple celebration.’
‘Today my joy is full and I am grateful for all that I have- family, friends and a journey in purpose. Thanks to everyone already – Happy Birthday To me’.
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