2324Xclusive Update: Rob4Real Is "Feeling The Void" On New Mixtape

"It is a play on words," the Denver rapper says of the project. "Usually, the saying or expression is 'Filling the void,' in reference to filling the missing part or what have you. In this case, it's 'Feeling The Void.' The message I wanted the title to convey is feeling something missing or someone missing. That's the overall theme or overlaying concept that reoccurs throughout the project, feeling the void of certain people and things, voids from death, lost love, unfulfilling relationships."
Feeling the Void is made up of 15 tracks, including the single "The Anthem." The project features fellow Mile High City acts Supreme Ace, J.Carey, Damien The Architect and TRiPPER JONES.
Rob4Real stepped back on the production for Feeling the Void to create a tape he felt he needed more of a supporting cast for.
"The balancing act is a tricky one for me," he says of rapping and producing. "I wanted a certain sound with this project that I just couldn't deliver especially alone. My last release was produced by myself mostly and I wanted to take a different approach this time. It allowed the sound to be more organic and flow seamlessly from start to finish."
He signed to Ace's The Fly District earlier this year and joins Solo Young and TurnaOneTake on the squad.
"The Fly District is a team of like-minded individuals with similar goals, ideas, and aspirations," Rob4Real says. "At the same time, we are are all very different and working towards different achievements. We all know teamwork makes the dream work and that's exactly what we are doing, Working together to accomplish our dreams."
View Rob4Real's Feeling the Void cover art, tracklist and stream below:

  1. Feeling The Void
  2. The Anthem
  3. Everything Else
  4. Talen Ted Lude
  5. The Dish
  6. All That f. J.Carey
  7. Say My Name
  8. She Dont Need
  9. Summation f. Damien The Architect
  10. Know Me f. Eades
  11. Waiting f. YaSi
  12. TRiPPER J0NES Interlude
  13. Glow f. Supreme Ace
  14. The Prequel
  15. Game Over
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