2324Xclusive Update: Terry G Tenders Apology For Slapping DJ Jimmy Jatt’s Protege At Comedy Event

Over the weekend, Terry G made headlines after it was alleged that he slapped a certain DJ Phreez at an event after which veteran DJ, Jimmy Jatt publicly requested that the Free Madness crooner tender an apology for his unruly behaviour to Phreez who happened to be a protege of his.
The incident happened at the first edition of ‘D’GOOD, D’BASH & D’FUNNY’ a concert by comedian Hammed Basheer popularly known as Bash at Shell Hall, Muson Centre, Lagos.
An eye witness told media outlets, “He overstayed his time, and even said if he’s not allowed to finish his performance, he’ll cause trouble. Then the DJ played another artiste’s song and Terry went over to give him a terrible slap, smashed the microphone on the stage and left’.
Recounting what really happened, DJ Jimmy Jatt who was at the venue, said:
I think it was a reaction of an unruly artiste. The DJ has been coordinating the performances without issues. Terry G wasn’t even billed to perform. He called the organiser and begged to perform then they gave him a time frame and he used more than his time. The organisers used their voice-over guy to call him from the backstage that his time was over and he said if he hears the voice he’ll cause trouble’.
Then he went on to perform about three more songs. He was messing up and people were leaving while he was performing. The organisers were losing crowd and they went to tell the DJ to stop playing his songs so Terry G can get off the stage.
‘But he didn’t leave the stage – he continued performing and making music with his bell and he wasn’t leaving still, so they went back to the DJ and told him to play another artiste’s song, and my boy obliged.
‘All of a sudden, Terry G walked straight to the DJ and gave him the most dazzling of slaps, the boy was dazed. Then he left the venue immediately because I went back stage immediately to try and talk to him. I was pissed and was going to shut down the performance for the night but I thought of it again because it wasn’t the organisers fault’.
After much controversy, Terry G finally issued an apology via his Instagram page today in an attempt to lay it all to rest. He wrote:
It’s so painful how things play out this days hearing from just one side.Am not here to paint myself good or perfect.Am only human and have feelings.Looking back to how this journey of my career started,it’s been one issue or the other.The negative ones fly like wild fire while the positive ones is not as wild as the negative stories but all the same God has been faithful.
I Terry G will be the last person to wanna ruin a colleagues event intentionally or want to hurt anybody.Good or bad i have contributed Negatively or Postively to the Nigerian music industry.
My sincere apology to Nigerians number one DJ @djjimmyjatt for you have been a good leader in the Nigerian entertainment Industry ,I also extend my apology to Dj Phreez for my actions it was due to miscommunication and my sincere Apology to the DJS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA without you guys,my music will be a total #nonesense
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