2324Xclusive Update: Tiwa Savage Tells E! How Tee Billz Moulded Her Into The Woman She Is Today

Popular Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, in her recent interview with E! Entertainment, talked about how she was able to build her brand as Tiwa Savage only through the help of her estranged husband, Tee Billz.
According to her, it was never her intention to be romantically linked to Tee Billz whose real name is Olatunji Balogun.
She said, “When I first met him, I felt he was very arrogant. He was very tall, dark, handsome and very confident.
“He oozes that and he always expects that from me as well. So when I first met him, I didn’t fall in love. It wasn’t love at first sight. Although when he first met me, he said to me ‘so it’s either two things; I am either going to manage you or marry you. So I was just like ‘What! You are so full of yourself; I would never date you, let alone marry you’. So obviously, we decided he was going to manage me because I turned down the other option.”
“I never saw myself getting romantically involved with him; however, on getting to discover another side of him, I fell for him.”
She continued, “We worked so closely together and I discovered this soft emotional guy. One who gave up everything for my career. He had a great business in L.A but he moved to Nigeria because he really believed in me more than I believed in myself.
“So gradually I just started seeing in him, this person. So it was inevitable. I tried to fight it. It can’t happen and I couldn’t help it.”
She went on to stress that Tee Billz is deserves the praise for shaping up her brand. She explained,“When Teebillz became my manager, he molded me into the Tiwa Savage brand we know today.”
“I needed to do something and I met my manager who is now my husband. He saw me and was like ‘you could be really pretty if you put an effort into it’ and I was like ‘wait what do you mean’ and he was like ‘you need to lose a little weight, wax your legs; that might be attractive.
“So he just literally put me through this whole program and told me that ‘the music is great, the talent is there but 80% of it is branding.’
“So if you want to do the tom-boy thing, you have to take it to the extreme if you want to be hot and sexy you have to take it to the extreme. So I started learning how to wear heels and he basically just groomed me into the image of Tiwa Savage that we see now”.
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