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Meet Goy Giwa 

Founder/C.E.O:- 2324xclusive Media , 2324xclusive Enterprises

Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketer, Enterprenue

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Giwa .O. Yusuf (G.O.Y) is the Founder and CEO of 2324xclusive Media and Enterprises. G.O.Y is self-directive being a proud hardcore music lover who enjoys listening
 to the western tune to build up inspiration. He strongly believes in hard work and prayers, naming his key values as loyalty and consistency.

He has been in the music scene since the late 90s working with numerous superstars before and after they got to the limelight as a songwriter, sound engineer and 
lyricist. His zeal to see people succeed as an artist for the artist triggered his self-actualization in content distribution which gave birth to his digital 
Marketing specialty. He also worked as the Chief digital marketer for Bismid Cosmetics Paris one of the leading beauty and skincare cosmetics firm in Nigeria.

In 2012, he set out to establish his brand 2324xclusive; when asked how he came about the naming of his brand he explained. “I had so many names on my head, 
so I first started with G.O.Y Entertainment, later to House of Ariyah Entertainment but I wasn’t satisficed yet, I needed something people could relate to and 
easily remembered so I changed to 2324xclusive which I official lunched in 2014.”

The ultimate challenge was basically not finance like every other person may complain for though it was an important factor. He stated His top challenges 
as getting targeted market attention i.e. marketing the initiate to people for support was the first challenge, personal development for consistency, 
and fast/accurate content acquisition for relevancy before the financial expect.

He was resilience at all point, according to G.O.Y “I remember vivid it was 2008 when the MTV Base Advance Warning was introduced to Nigeria 
to support up and coming artist in which Durela came first, Kaha came Second, and Waje came third, I started the registration but I couldn’t complete the process 
and requirement because I had no financial backup before the registration closed.” “At that point I felt extremely alone and lost momentum but I had this life in me 
that always encourage me and I fought my way up.”

Today, 2324xclusive.com is one of the fastest growing music distribution site combined with entertainment, sport and lifestyle news. 2324xclusive media also engages 

in full time digital sales and marketing, as an enterprise and digital content manager. 2324xclusive is given young creatives distributive support with no charges.

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