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2324xclusive Store: QEI+ Paris OR Intense Lightening Toning Lotion Gold Innovative Lightening Milk lotion

Price : ₦9,500

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QEI+ OR Innovative Milk Strong Toning Lotion offers unblemished complexion when used. This fast toning lotion hydrates and even out the skin tone to reveal a more lighter, blemish free and youthful skin.

Strong Toning Clear and unblemished complexion 500 ml./16.80 Fl.Oz

Within their OR INNOVATIVE range, QEI+ has developed a cleansing and antibacterial tonic lotion.

Fabulous and luxurious toning agent allying delicacy and performance, this unique care QEI+ signs your beauty by hydrating, by unifying and by limiting the dark spots, repairing all the imperfections by revealing the brightness of your skin. It reveals day after day in the perfection, a complexion of an infinitely sublime beauty.

 The lotion suits all types of acne prone skins, and helps reduce sebum production on skin surface.

 It’s fabulous agents ensure a purified, healthy and firm skin.

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