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This amazing supplement is dubbed Aphrodite’s Beauty Secret.

✔It softens, brightens and hydrates the skin

✔Helps you maintain a healthy weight

✔Firms up your breasts

✔Burns excess fat & helps with stomach problems

✔Eliminates cellulite and cracks on the skin

✔Helps to deal with menstrual problems

✔Helps with tightening the vagina especially in women after giving birth

✔Gets rid of the unpleasant vaginal odor

✔Helps with dryness and natural vaginal lubrication

✔Strengthens women’s internal health after normal birth & surgery

✔Relieves migraine and headache

✔Stronger hair and nails

✔Slows down the process of menopause and signs of aging on the face

✔Helps manage emotional problems and stress easily

✔Female hormones are more balanced making it easy to conceive.

60 capsules Directions: 2 capsules in the morning. 2 at night. Do Not take it during menstruation.

Price : ₦18,000

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